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Last Days at Hot Slit: Spending our Evenings in Paradise

A few months ago, after I returned from Berlin, a small group started meeting, reading books written by women, about women, about horror and sex and love. Various iterations of this group have met for years now, and at one point the readership was perhaps over twenty five. It’s shrunk back down now, to about five, which honestly is how big it should have always been. Sometimes, I wonder if I use the group to shield myself from disaster or some other unpleasant feeling, because with them it’s impossible to be anything but great.

It’s all coming to a head now because Lé is moving back to France, and Leila is returning to L.A. I turned thirty this April, C turns thirty next year, and everything is turning over. Everything is coming into a new phase and we are all the oldest we’ve ever been and the youngest we’ll ever be. All images taken by Leila Yavari on her Rolliflex.

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