Jasmine Amussen

Writer | Editor | Librarian
Atlanta, Georgia
Master of Fine Arts, Bard College 2025 
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Feature: Letter From Arkansas: In The Pines. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. February 23, 2023.
Feature: Letter From Jackson: Southern Hospitality. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. September 23, 2022.
Feature: Naomi Osaka, Mariah Carey and biraciality in pop culture, Dazed Media. London, United Kingdom. July 5, 2022.
Interview: Invisible Histories & without architecture there would be no stonewall; without architecture there would be no “brick”. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. June 1, 2022.
Feature: Our Mascots, Ourselves. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. May 16, 2022.
Feature: Dreams change. Friends are forever. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. September 02, 2021
Review: Mainly For Women at SCAD Savannah. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. March 08, 2021.
Feature: Letter From Atlanta: St. Roch Blues. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. February 08, 2021.
Feature: YUKIO MISHIMA: Death of a Man. 032c, Berlin, Germany. November 25, 2020.
Feature: I Wanna Do Bad Things With You. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. October 29, 2020.
Review: Slender Tenderness: Luther Hampton at TOPS Gallery, Memphis. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. September 22, 2020.
Feature: Ride Wit Me. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. July 08, 2020.
Feature: You’re Obviously in the Wrong Place. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. January 21, 2020.
Feature: Old Town Fury Road Postscript. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. December 31, 2019.
Feature: Telepathic Archives of Our Own. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. November 29, 2019.
Feature: Writers Bloc. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. September 16, 2019.
Feature: Sweet, Tender, Hooligan: The Utopian Aesthetics of Skateboarding. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. September 16, 2019.
Feature: Old Town Fury Road: LIL NAS X, ‘Daddy Lessons’ & The Black Yeehaw Agenda . 032c, Berlin, Germany. June 21, 2019.
Feature: Letter from Atlanta: Old Town Fury Road. Burnaway. Atlanta, Georgia. June 15, 2019.
Review: Eschatology on the Internet: The Nocilla Trilogy. ART PAPERS. Atlanta, Georgia. Summer 2019.
Review: ARTHUR JAFA: A SERIES OF UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE STATISTICS. 032c. Berlin, Germany. May 19, 2019.
Interview: Black, Soft and Wavy: Azikiwe Mohammad. Burnaway. Atlanta, Georgia. May 10, 2019.
Interview: Finding A Secret Place: Wihro Kim. Burnaway. Atlanta, Georgia. Feburary 06, 2019.
Review: Fandom at the Grand Palais: Michael Jackson on the Wall in Paris. 032c. Berlin, Germany. November 25, 2018.
Feature: glossary: alternative (1) (with Tracy Soo Ming). ART PAPERS. Atlanta, Georgia. Fall 2016.


Publication: by hook (editor & contributor). Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. March 2024. ISBN:9781736101223
Paper: “No New York Habits: Atlanta’s Cultural Engineers and Southern Diplomacy”, AICA International Congress. Kraków, Poland. November 13 - 17, 2023.
Publication: Where I’m Calling From (editor & contributor). Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. March 23, 2023. ISBN:9781736101216
Essay: “A Woman is a Nation”, Reckonings and Reconstructions: Southern Photography from the Do Good Fund. University of Georgia Press, Georgia Museum of Art. October 2022. ISBN: 9781946657145
Interview: Toya Northington, Promise, Witness, Remeberance, Speed Museum of Art, Louisville, Kentucky. Published by University of Kentucky Press. October 2022. ISBN: 97817342248517
Publication: Treasure (editor & contributor). Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. November 2021. ISBN:9781736101209
Feature: If this is hell, then I’m lucky: DJ Screw and the eye of the storm. 032c, Berlin, Germany. April 15, 2021. ISBN: 9783981743333
Publication: Laws of Salvage (editor & contributor). Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. November 2020. ISBN:9781736101292
Publication: Stranger, Harder, Brighter (editor & contributor). Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. November 2019. ISBN:9780578547640
Feature: Plants Have Strange Powers. LIMBO Zine, London, United Kingdom. July 2020. ISSN:26343983
Feature: Captives. ART PAPERS. Atlanta, Georgia. Summer 2018. ISSN: 1524958117903
Feature: glossary: lemonade. ART PAPERS. Atlanta, Georgia. Summer 2016.  ISSN: 1524958117706
Feature: Megabus, and other routes. (with Erin Jane Nelson) ART PAPERS. Atlanta, Georgia. January 2016.  ISSN: 1524958117703

Speaking & Teaching

Lecture: The Serpent Queen’s Gambit: Bisexual Jurisprudence, Millennial Eschatology, Anti-natalism and Feminine Death Drive in Riverdale, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. September 12, 2023. Panel: /Dialogues: Supporting Critics of Color, EXPO Chicago. Chicago, Illinois. April 13 - 16, 2023. Moderator: Where I’m Calling From, The Infernal Grove. Yes We Cannibal, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. March 18, 2023.
Lecture: “Editor and Artist as Artifice”. The Athenaeum, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. October 2022.
Educator: Art Writing Incubator: Criticism as Care. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. June 25 - August 04, 2022.
Educator: School of Liberal Arts Professional Mentorship, SCAD Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia. January - March 2022.
Lecture: Crit Cross: Writing Outside the Bubble. Verein_K & Depot, Vienna, Austria. December 16, 2021.
Lecture: “Aesthetics of Utopia and Terrorism”. Transmedia Department, Syracuse University. October 2021.
Panel: Art Writing Futures: A View from the United States. AICA-USA. October 2021.
Educator: Art Writing Incubator: Criticism Amid Crisis. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. July, 2021.
Panel: ATLANTA BIENNIAL: OF CARE AND DESTRUCTION, Atlanta Contemporary. Atlanta, Georgia. June 2021.
Lecture: The Utopian Aesthetics of Skateboarding”. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. April 6, 2021.
Educator: Workshop: Artist as Writer. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. January 05, 2021.
Educator: Workshop: Practical Writing for Artists. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. December 02, 2020.
Educator: Art Writing Incubator. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia. June, 2020.

Projects & Exhibitions

Exhibition (solo): The Vestal and The Fasces. Mimo Gallery, New York. February 9 - March 3, 2024.
Editorial Project: Promise, Witness, Remembrance. Burnaway, Atlanta, Georgia & The Speed Museum, Louisville, Kentucky. May, 2021.
Editorial Project: Dossier: A Museum for James Baldwin. 032c, Berlin, Germany. Winter 2018/2019. ISBN: 9783981743333
Editorial Project: Living Walls, The City Speaks, Google Street Art Project, Pilot Partner, Atlanta, Georgia. 2013-2015.
Editorial Project: Living Walls, The City Speaks, Boulevard Tunnel, Atlanta, Georgia. 2014.
Editorial Project: Living Walls, The City Speaks, Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. 2013.
Producer: Killer Mike at The Goat Farm, Living Walls, The City Speaks Main Event, Atlanta, Georgia. 2013.
Editorial Project: Living Walls, The City Speaks, JR: Unframed, Atlanta, Georgia. 2013.

Juries & Boards

Jurist: Borders | No Borders, Houston Cinema Arts Festival. Houston, Texas. November 2023.
Jurist: Creative Capital: Literature, 2021.
Jurist: Creative Capital: Literature, 2020.
Jurist: Atlanta Celebrates Photography: Emergent & Multi-media, 2020.
Jurist: Creative Capital: Literature, 2019.
Board Member: AICA-USA, 2023 - Current
Board Member: Murmur Media, 2015-2018.

Press & Awards

Press: Could Taylor Swift Really Swing the 2024 Presidential Election?”. The Guardian US, New York, New York, February 9, 2024.
Press: “Art Critics: Next Endangered Species?” The New York Times, New York, New York, February 4, 2023
Press: “They Didn’t Just Love Him. They Knew Him.” The New York Times, New York, New York, July 18, 2020.
Grantee: Critical Minded: Critics of Color Grant, 2020.
Award: Calderwood Fellow of Journalism, MacDowell Colony. Peterbourough, New Hampshire. March 2020.
Residency: MacDowell Colony. Peterbourough, New Hampshire. January - March 2020.