2018 - 2023
Burnaway is an Atlanta-based, non-profit magazine of contemporary art and criticism from the American South,  published online weekly and in print annually.
Through its editorial program and cultivation of emerging arts writers and journalists, Burnaway connects the region’s diverse creative communities and develops exchange between Southern art, and the national and international arts audiences.

Since 2008, the magazine has brought vital critical dialogue to the issues facing Southern artists, institutions, curators, and writers, who often represent the country’s most pressing social and cultural challenges.

My work as Editor at the magazine sought to expand what is considered ‘contemporary art’,  and provide thoughtful criticism as part of a sustainable ecosystem within the South.  Every summer I develop and administer the yearly Art Writing Incubator, Burnaway’s signature education program.  

Burnaway is a 501 (c)(3) non profit and is WAGE certified.

︎ Letters

Letter From Arkansas: In the Pines
Letter From Mississippi: Southern Hospitality
A Love Letter in Louisville: Breonna Taylor 
Letter From Atlanta: St. Roch Blues 
Letter from Atlanta: You’re Obviously in the Wrong Place 
Letter From Atlanta: Telepathic Archives of Our Own
Letter From Atlanta: Old Town Fury Road

︎ Features

Our Mascots, Ourselves
Today, Your Native Hosts
Dreams Change. Friends are Forever.
I Wanna Do Bad Things With You
Ride Wit Me
Writer’s Bloc 
Sweet, Tender, Hooligan: The Utopian Aesthetics of Skateboarding


Without architecture, there would be no ‘brick’, without architecture there would be no Stonewall, Invisible Histories
Toya Worthington
Azikiwe Mohammad
Wihro Kim

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